A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added conspicuous design prizes:

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Competitions PrizeExcellence PrizeIndustrial Prize
Packaging PrizeConcept PrizeHitech Prize
Homeware PrizeFinance PrizeIndustrial Product Prize
Chemical Product PrizeSponsoring PrizeWorld Prize
Chair PrizeOrganization PrizeNagradi Prize
Professionals PrizeFurniture PrizeManufacturing Technology Prize
Purple PrizePhoto Manipulation PrizePhotography Prize
Event PrizeHouseware PrizeExcellence Prize
Website PrizeItalian PrizeRewarding Prize
Social and Behavioral Sciences PrizeGreatest Design Pieces PrizeOutstanding Prize
The Best of All PrizeChampion PrizeCreative Talents Prize
Designprix PrizeDesign, Arts and Architecture PrizeResidential Housing Prize
Scholarship Programs PrizeConsumeables PrizeAircrafts Prize
Landscape PrizeTableware PrizeSafety Clothing Prize
Futuristic PrizeDesign Submissions PrizeFunctional Furniture Prize

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